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Тесты по страноведению

(Образцы: только по двум первым темам в 10-11 классах)

Тест № 1. Introduction


Great Britain


Task: choose the right variant.


1. The United Kingdom сomprises … .

а) England and Sсotland;

Ь) Great Britain and Northern Ireland;

е) England, Sсotland and Wales;

d) Great Britain, Northern Ireland and the Irish Republiс.


2. Great Britain inсludes … .

а) the two сountries of England and Sсotland;

b) the two сountries of England and the Irish Republic;

c) the three countries of England, Scotland and Northern Ireland; d) the three countries of England, Scotland (including the Orkney and Shetland Islands) and Wales.


3. The word “region” is used to … of these four large areas of the country.

а) any; b) only two; с) one.


4. The chief regional administrative units are called “countries” in …, “regions” in …, and “districts” in … .


а) England; Scotland and Wales; the Orkney and Shetland Islands;

b)England and Wales; Scotland; Northern Ireland;

c) the Orkney and Shetland Islands; Wales; Eng land.


5. In addition, there are … of the Crown.

а) many colonies; Ь) some colonies; с) “Dependencies”.


6. The United Kingdom is … .

а) not the member state of the European Соmmunity;

Ь) not the member state” of any community;

е) the leading member state of the European Соmmunity;

d) one of the 12 member states of the European Community.


7. Britain constitutes the … part of the British Isles.

а) smaller; Ь) medium; с) greater.


8. The next largest area comprises … .

а) Scotland and the Shetland Islands; b) the Orkney and Shetland Islands; е) Scotland and Wales;

d) Northern Ireland.


9. Western Scotland is fringed bу the large island chain known as …, and to the north-east of the Scottish mainland are … .

а) the Hawaii; Long Island and Кеу West;

b) the Canary Islands; the Orkney Islands and Long Island;

с) the Hebrides; the Orkney and Shetland Islands;

d) the Channel Islands; the Shetland Isla1′lds and the Hawaii.


10. Аll these have administrative ties with the mainland, but the Isle of Man in the … Sea and the Channel Islands between Great Britain and France аге largely self-governing, and аге not part of the United Kingdom.

а) Baltic; Ь) White; с) Caribbean; d) Irish.


11. The main areas of highland are in Scotland, Wales and Cumbria. In the centre of England, there is а range of hills called the …, which is also known as .

the “backbone of England”. The highest mountains are in Scotland and Wales: Ben Nevis is 1,343 т and Snowdon is 1,085 т.

а) Ozark Mountain Range; Ь) Appalachian Mountains; с) Adirondack Mountains; d) Pennine Chain.


12. The longest rivers are … .

а) the Тау and the Thames; Ь) the Severn and the Thames; с) the Avon and the Thames; d) the Thames and the Tweed.


13. The climate is generally … .

а) hot and temperate; Ь) mild and temperate;

с) cold and wet; d) hot and wet.


14. The currency of the country is … .

а) pound, consisting of 100 cents; b) pound, consisting of 100 nickels; с) dollar, consisting of 100 cents; d) pound, consisting of 100 реnсе.


15. The English language developed from … and is а… language.

а) Anglo-Saxon; Germanic; Ь) Anglo~Saxon; Roman; с) Celtic; Celtic.



Тhе United States of America


Task: choose the necessary.


1. The USA is …, а union of 50 states.

а) а constitutional republic; ) а presidential republic; с) а federal republic; d) а constitutional monarchy.


2. The USA consists of … .

а) 49 states and the state of the Hawaii Islands;

b) 50 states and the District of Columbia;

с) 49 states and the District of Columbia.


3. The population of the United States is over 250 million people, including more than 22 million … .

а) Europeans; b) Spaniards; с) Hispanics.


4. The nation’s ethnic diversity is chiefly due to large-scale immigration, most of which took place bеfore 1920. Though mainly … in origin, Americans are derived from nearly аll races and nations, including Chinese, Arab, Polynesian, Eskimo, and what is left of the native Amerindian.

а) European and Indian; b) Spanish and European;

с) European and African; d) English and Spanish.


5. English is … language.

а) the official and predominant; Ь) the official and preferred; с) the first minority and preferred.


6. … is the preferred language of sizeable minorities in New York City, Florida, and along the Mexiсаn border.

а) Italian; Ь) Spanish; с) German; d) French.


7. The U.S. uses dollars as the basic unit of ехchange. There аге two types of mоnеу, bills and coins. The coins are: cents (pennies), nickels, dimes, and quarters. А… is а coin of 25 cents. These coins аге used in most рау telephones and coin-operated machines.

а) реnnу; Ь) dime; с) nickel; d) quarter.














Тест № 2. National Emblems (Symbols)


Great Britain


Task: choose the necessary.


1. The British national anthem is based оп а … century song. It was established as such in …, making it the oldest in the world.


а) 15th; 1457; Ь) 16th; 1547; с) 17th; 1745;

d) 18th; 1747.


2. The flag of the United Kingdom, known as the Union Jack, is made ир of … crosses.

а) two; Ь) three; с) four; d) five.


3. Since …, the royal coat of arms has depicted а shield with the three English lions, the Scottish lions .. and the Irish harp, surrounded bу the Ribbon of the Order of the Garter with its motto, Нoni soit qut mal у peпse (Shame оn him who thinks evil of it). The shield is supported bу an English lion and the Scottish unicorn, standing оn а field with the еmblems of England (the rose), Scotland (the thistle) and Ireland (the shamrock); below this is the royal motto Dieu et mon droit{God and mу right).

а) 1837; b) 1738; с) 1387;d) 1378.


4. The red rose was the еmblеm of the …, the white rose that of the …, the two contending Houses for the English throne in the Wars of the Roses (1455-1485).

а) Lancastrians; Stuarts; Ь) Stuarts; Hannovers; с) Stuarts; Tudorians; d) Lancastrians; Yorkists.


5. … is the national еmblеm of Scotland.

а) The leek; b) The daffodil; с) The shamrock; d) The thistle.


6. Welshmen аll over the world celebrate St David’ s Day bу wearing either … .

а) red roses or yellow roses; b) violets or daffodils; с) roses or daffodils; d) leeks or daffodils.


7. What the red rose is to Englishmen and the leek and daffodil to the Welsh, the little … is to the Irish, and nо Irishman worth his sa1t fails to wear this national еmblеm оп St Patrick’s Day, March 17.

а) apple; b) shamrock; с) onion; d) thistle.


Тhе United States of America



Task: choose the пecessary.


1. The 50-star flag of the United States, the Stars and Stripes, was raised for the first time officially at 12:01 а.m. оn July 4, … at Fort МсНеnгу National Monument in Baltimore.

а) 1690;b) 1960; с) 1790; d) 1970.


2. The 49th star was added in 1959 for Alaska, and the 50th, for the Hawaii. Before that, nо star had bееn added since 1912, when … were admitted to the Union.

а) New Mexico and Arizona; b) Louisiana and Nebraska; с) New Mexico and Montana; d) Oklahoma and Arizona.


Task: choose the appropriate Rиssiaп eqиivaleпt for the иnderliпed word.


3. The true history of the Stars and Stripes has bесоmе so cluttered bу а volume of myth and tradition that the facts аге difficult, and is some cases impossible, to establish.

а) беспорядочный; b) шумный; с) невнятный;

d) загроможденный.


4. Аll agree that the Stars and Stripes originated as the result of а resolution offered bу the … Соmmittee of the 2nd Continental Congress at Philadelphia and adopted оn June 14, 1777.

а) Navy; b) Marine; с) Art; d) State.


5. The resolution establishing the flag was not еvеn published until September 2, 1777. Despite геpeated requests, Washington did not get the flags until1783, after … was over.

а) the War for Independence; b) the Civil War;

с) the Gold Rush; d) World War 1.


Task: choose the statemeпts which are trиe.


6. а) The thirteen stripes in the modern flag stand for the colonies that now make ир the nation.

b) The thiгtеen stars in the modern flag stand for the states that now make uр the nation.

с) The thirteen stars in the modern flag stand for the states that joined together in 1776, to declare themselves free from the rule of England.

d) The thirteen stripes in the modern flag, seven red and six white, stand for the colonies that joined together in 1776, to declare themselves free from the rule of England.

е) The fifty white, five-pointed stars stand for the colonies that joined together in 1776 to declare themselves free from the rule of England.

f) The fifty white, five-pointed stars stand for the states that now make uр the nation.


7. Poets, patriots and composers have given different names to the National Flag. The best known аге:

а) God Save the Queen; Ь) Old Glory; c)America – the Beautiful; d) The Star-Spangled Banner; е) The Stars and Stripes; {) The Union Jack; g) Starry Flag.


Task: choose the right word.


8. During the war о! 1812, Sam Wilson supplied meat to the U.S. Агmу in barrels marked U.S. When asked what the U.S. stood …, one о! Wilson’s workers said, ‘Uпcle Sam (Wilson), the meatpacker.’ Soon many things labeled U.S. were being called Uncle Sam’s, not just meat!

а) fог; b) uр; с) оп; d) at.


9. After the war, Uncle Sam bесаmе the symbol оf the nation. People drew him and dressed uр like him. Uncle Sam is а United States’ symbol that is … recognized\ throughout the world.

а) across; b) between; с) middle; d) through.


10. Soon after the bell’s arrival frоm England in 1752, it cracked the first time it rang. It was then геcast in Philadelphia and began its ringing for freedom even before the people о! the New World knew that it was complete liberty they wanted. This historic bеll rang to proclaim liberty until 1855, when it cracked.

а) придавать новую форму; b) переделать; с) пересчитывать; d) переливать.


11. Оn …, the bеll rang out to announce the first reading о! the Declaration о! Independence to the people о! ‘” . It bесаmе then, and still is, а symbol оf American Independence.

а) July 4, 1776; Chicago;

b) July 8, 1767; Minneapolis;

с) June 8, 1767; Charlestown;

d) July 8, 1776; Philadelphia.


12. The Liberty bеll bесаmе а symbol о! freedom, even though it could not bе heard. It began to tour the countrvy bу train visiting such places as New Огleans, Chicago, Charleston, Boston, Atlanta, St Louis, and San Francisco. Since 1915, the Liberty Веll has been … .

а) in one о! the churches; b) оn permanent display in а glass-enclosed building in Philadelphia; с) in one оf the museums; d) recast.


13. Since ancient times, eagles have been а sign оf power. But, not аll in Congress wanted this bird to bе the еmblеm of the nation. Benjamin Franklin ргоposed that the … bе the national bird, because it was а true native о! the country.

а) turkey; b) goose; с) cock; d) vulture.


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