“My Summer Adventure”

I would like to tell you about my summer holiday.

I think summer is the best season of all because it is warm. The nature is beautiful. And we have great opportunities for rest. It is the great time for all schoolchildren. We have summer holidays which are three months long. In summer we do not go to school. All children don’t have to get up early. There is no homework to do or lessons to learn. That’s why I and all my friends like summer holidays. We can go anywhere, spend our time near a river or a lake on fresh, green grass, swim in warm water, climb trees, play different games, ride a bicycle and so on.

I usually spend my summer holidays at my grandparents. There are many things there to do. I swim in the river and sunbath. Sometimes I spend my free time with my friends, read books, listen to the music, watch TV or play computer games. I go fishing with my father, uncle and cuisines. I make a fire with them at the seaside and cook potatoes there. It is wonderful. I help my grandma and grandpa about home and in the garden. I water plants and weed the garden, mow the long grass.

Our family likes to travel in summer. We like to travel by car. Last summer we were in Kazan. It is an old city. Kazan is the capital of the Tatarstan republic and one of the biggest economical, scientific and cultural centers of Russia. There is the marvelous Kremlin, mosques, churches and rich museums. I like a «Kul Sharif» mosque. It is very big and beautiful. I was in it. Kazan is also a city of theatres, museums, music, international festivals, rich libraries, newest technologies, business partnership and science. We were in a history museum of Kazan too. There are a lot of sights in it. I made many pictures of the city. I dream to learn in the University of Kazan.

During my summer holidays I made new friends and knew many useful things. Now, I feel ready to get back to school.

I am happy to meet my school friends and teachers.