Moskovsky Viktory Park

Feliks Omarov.I am twelve years old andI live in Saint-Petersburg.

Moskovsky Victory Park is a public park that situated in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Victory Park was officially opened in July, 1946. The name was given to the park in honour of the Victory of our nation in the Second World War. Before that there was a factory there but it was destroyed and a new park was laid. Victory Park is situated near Kuznetsovskaya Street. Many people who live around can have a rest there. The park has got an area of 168 ac. You can see many memorials and statues of heroes of the Second World War in the park. We all know their names: Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya, Alexander Morozov and one of the most famous soviet marshals Georgy Zhukov. At weekends you can see many people having rest there. Young parents walk with their babies, old people walk slowly along the paths, boys skate etc. It’s really cool walking in Victory Park with friends.

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