Hello, Dasha!

You know, that I live on the second floor of a new five storey building. Our flat is very comfortable, but not very large. There are two rooms, a kitchen, a bathroom, a hall in my flat. My room is clean, warm, cozy and nice. I think that my room is the best room in our flat. There is a sofa, a bed, a bookcase, a coffee table and many toys in a special box. I like my flat, but every summer I go to the country to my uncle Sergey. His house is small, old, but very clean. There are a lot of furniture in uncle’s house. There is a large square table, a little cozy sofa, a big brown sideboard, a large desk, an orange carpet and TV – set. My uncle likes to read very much, so there are some bookcases and bookshelves with a lot of books in his house. I read a lot when I live in the country. There is a big garden and a kitchen – garden behind the house. Near the house is a river in which we are fishing. On other bank of this river there is a beautiful thick forest. There are lots of berries and mushrooms in it. We often go for a walk there. I like swimming very much in the river.

I will be glad if you come and see me some day. You are always welcome!

Sincerely yours, Sophia.