Автор; Яблонская София, 5-А класс.

МБОУ СОШ № 6, г.Пушкино,

Пушкинский муниципальный район.

This story happened in the country at my uncle’s house last summer.

One day I left a big frankfurter on the table, because I was in a hurry. When I came back home and wanted to eat it, I saw, that there was no frankfurter on the table. I know, that my uncle doesn’t eat any sausages. Then who ate up my frankfurter? Who is thief?

Next day I left a little piece of the sausage on the table and hid under the table. I was surprised, when I saw, that my kitten Fluffy (which I recently brought from the forest) jumped quickly on the table, caught the sausage and ran away under the bed. When I looked under the bed I saw a lot of different pieces of the different food. There were the pieces of sausage, frankfurters and cheese There was a little kitten and I think he couldn’t eat up the whole frankfurter or a big piece of sausage or cheese.

What a little fluffy thief he is!